Present position

Senior consultant, MD, ABC Laitinen Oy Managing director, Extar Ltd; Vice President, ZAO Faxxon, East-West Advisers Ltd


1976 Turku School of Economics and Business: BBA Numerous training courses in leadership, management, marketing and consultancy

Language skills

Finnish, English and Swedish fluently German, Russian and Estonian fair

Key qualifications

Banking sector and other service sectors; Food industry, light industry, tourism; Large and working connection networks in Finnish business life on local, regional and national levels and industries; Consulting and training SME's and other organisations
in the following fields: strategic and business plans, management, quality systems, marketing, internationalizing in western and eastern markets; Trade exhibitions in Central and North-West Russia and Baltics

Professional Experience Record

1970 - 1971 Branch Office Manager, Cooperative Bank of Iisalmi
1972 Hotel and reception manager, Hotel Ikituuri, Turku
1973 - 1974 Teacher in marketing, Commercial College in Kuopio
1974 - 1977 Regional marketing manager, Central Union of Cooperative Banks in Finland (South-Eastern and South-Western regions)
1977 - 1979 Marketing manager and member of Board of Directors, Cooperative Bank of Lappeenranta
1979 - 1983 Product Group Manager, Orion Corporation Ltd Chymos
1983 - 1989 Marketing Director and Ececutive Vice President, Brewery Olvi Oy
1989 - 1990 Managing Director, Oulu Chamber of Commerce
1990 - 1992 Managing Director, Sonkari Oy (Olvi Group)
1992 - Present Managing Director, Extar Ltd Consultant, Man dir, ABC Laitinen Oy Vice president, East-West Advisers Ltd

Main references

Chamber of Commerce

  • Leading the strategic planning process of Oulu Chamber of Commerce
  • Co-operation with Murmansk and Odessa regions
  • Communication strategy (group) for Finnish chambers of commerce
  • Councils of regional risk financising operations and export development
  • Conference of Eurochambres in 1989, Brugge

Junior Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of national board in 1982-1986, national president in 1985, awarded by a senatorship in 1984 and Phil Pughley patronship in 1995
  • Leader of the new strategic plan for 1986-1990
  • Wellknown trainer in different national and regional projects
  • Trainer in 22 international training sessions during 1983-87 Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finland
  • Training programme for marketing managers in SME's
  • Training programme for unemployed specialists to help SME's in marketing, product development and quality (ESF)
  • Analysis and strategic and operational plan for regional food industry
  • Training programme for food industry in quality assurance

Central Union of Cooperative Banks

  • Service training programme for branch office managers and specialists
  • Product development for private and business services

Brewery Olvi
  • leading marketing strategic plan and operational leader of developing and launching new products and expansion of markets

Sonkari Oy

  • leader of the project to fuse the new company to the mother company
  • leading the project of quality system

Orion Corporation Ltd, Chymos
  • planning and leading the project of new production line (market analysis domestic and abroad, product development and marketing strategy)

Extar Ltd/ABC Laitinen Oy
  • assist alltogether 120 Finnish companies in internationalizing to western Europe, North America and Southern Asia
  • related over 300 Finnish and other western companies in cooperation with companies from the CIS- and the Baltic countries: business contacts, business plans, action plans and venues
  • consulting more than 20 companies in quality systems and assurance
  • training and consulting more than 90 new-starting enterpreneur's in starting their busines: business plans, finance, market analysis, product/service development
  • Consultant on SMENET- internationalizing SME´s (South-Carelian Polytechnics, Ministry of Education)
  • Consultant on business strategy, plan and operations, North-Carelia Polytechnics, Service and Development Center
  • Consultant on REMAR project (EU)
  • Consultant on Savo Region - Rep. of Carelia- project (EU/ERDF)
  • Consultant on CROSS-ECO-project (EU/ECOS-OUVERTURE)
  • Consultant on EES-project (EU/TACIS)
  • Consultant on Entre-project (EU/Recite II)
  • Co-ordinator on Virconet-project (EU/Northern Periphery Programme)